Instant Healing PPF

What is Paint Protection Film?

AlwaysDry Paint Protection Films are the most effective paint protection films worldwide. Patented, innovative technologies have helped create a product that provides maximum protection for vehicle paint while maintaining optical invisibility. Your vehicle is protected against the formation of swirl caused by improper cleaning, sandblasting/chip stones caused by vehicle driving ahead of the car, scratches, the harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, and other roadway hazards.

Designed to Product

AlwaysDry Instant Natural Healing provides the highest quality protection alongside industry- leading optical clarity and durability. Our “instant” self-healing technology allows the film to maintain its already hydrophobic surface from light scratching without the need for additional heat, and with AlwaysDry Instant Natural Healing’s superior optical clarity, you don’t need to sacrifice beauty for protection. The flattest, glossiest product available on the international market today.

Specification Sheet

Adhesive Thickness
(PSTC – 133-TARGET 1.5-1.8MIL)
Product Thickness
Release Liner Thickness
Film: 6mil Clear Urethane (0.16mm) (non Yellowing)
3.1 Mil (pet) (0.07mm)
(PSTC-101) 3D/RT/SS
4708.293GF/IN (705N/25MM)
Film Stretched During Peels
(pstc-101) 1hr Dwell / Ss
Averages 257MINS/ 4.28HRS
Tensile Breaking Strength
(PSTC – 131 LBYIN & N25 MM) 20″/MIN/2″ Jaw / Vinyl Setting
109 LBYIN (9.141829 N25MM)
(substrate? Adhesive Only PSTC-131)
Gravelometer (SAEJ4000)Pass (No ruptures).
Outdoor Weathering – 24 Months
Arizona 45″ South Exposure
(Range 35°f-105° F)
No Significant Change In Gloss.
No Significant Change In Adhesion.
No Cracking or Glazing.
Resistance To Chemicals/Fluids
Crockmeter-6 Cycles

Isopropanol/water (1.1)
Carburator (Spray/rub Test)
No Change.

Residue Wipes off. No Change to Film


Stone Chips
(Protects Bonnet, Headlights, Bumpers From Stone Chips On Road)
Scratches & Swirls Marks
(Improper Cleaning & Road Side Brushes)
Head Turner Gloss For Lifetime
(Enhance Color Depth & Extreme Gloss)
No Maintenance
(No Rubbing, No Polishing & No Wax)
Easy Care
(A Brand New Car Is Just A Wash Away)
Safe From Natural Damages
(U.V Rays, Acid Rain & Storm Particles)
Safe From Mall Parking Brushes, Scratches That Occur From Side Parked Cars & Hypermarket Trolleys
One-Time Investment That Will Pay Back For A Lifetime