Ceramic Coating


WAX :- Car wax is predominately a “wax” and just like any other wax it melts on heating. The sun’s UV rays. Simply washing a vehicle will strip the wax off. Waxes offer no scratch protection & must be reapplied periodically to maintain the original shine.

POLYMER SEALANTS/TEFLON :- Polymer based, so called “nano” sealants such as PTFE, also known as TEFLON, have been all the rage for the past few years. Polymer sealants offered good water repellence & shine but no scratch protection. Teflon is an outdated technology as it needs to be reapplied after every 3-6 months.

CERAMIC COATINGS :- These are silica based coatings, also known as glass or Ceramic coatings (glass is made 70% of silica). Most ceramic coatings in the market are usually less than 1 micron thick and 6-7H on the MOHS (Minerals On Hardness Scale) hardness scale, with talcum powder being 1 and diamond being 10 hard. Most regular ceramic coatings last a few months.

DUAL COMPOSITE STRUCTURE :- 9H-LDC PRO is composed of high grade Quartz silica (ultra hard glass). Its nano ceramic particles form a permanent bond with the clear coat and become a functional part of the vehicle’s body. Unlike most regular 9H coatings that are one dimensional, 9H-LDC PRO is a dual- composite structure that consists of two layers, ultra-hard 9H bottom layer and super slick top layer. Due to its unique structure it delivers the two most desirable effects, extreme hardness and extreme beading, in a single ceramic coat.

TRUE 9H HARDNESS :- TRUE 9H HARDNESS : The Aviation grade 9H-LDC Extreme & 9H-LDC PRO is the only ceramic coating in the market that offers True 9H Hardness with single coat. Due to its hardness, protective layer created by 9H-LDC Extreme & 9H-LDC PRO is extremely scratch resistant and creates an impenetrable barrier against elements.


TRUE 9H HARDNESS : Extreme resistance against swirls and scratches
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE : From PH2 to pH13, acid rain and bird droppings
THERMAL RESISTANCE : Withstands Temp up to -45 to 650 degrees Celsius
WEATHER RESISTANCE : From UV fading, oxidation and salt water corrosion
ULTRA HIGH GLOSS SHINE : Enhances colour depth & adds highly reflective shine
WATER PROOF FINISH : Extreme beading effect, water simply sheets off.

SELF CLEANING EFFECT: Ultra slick surface repels dirt, rain, snow and mud
ANTI CALCIUM EFFECT: Hard water etching & mineral stains clean easily
EASY CLEAN SURFACE: Bug splatter, tree sap and road grime clean easily
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Coated vehicle requires one litre of water to clean
LOW MAINTENANCE: No additional paint protection or waxing required
PERMANENT PROTECTION: Will not turn yellow, fade, crack, peel or wash off